The Power & Energy Of The Color Of Each Stone in The Love Knot Collection

Blue Sapphire SERENITY

Blue is the color of responsibility and trust. Representing peace, spirituality, integrity, perseverance, calm, devotion and contemplation, loyalty, caring, reliability. Blue Sapphires bring positive vibrations and enhance your confidence. They symbolize success and prosperity and will fill your life with richness and happiness.

Brown Diamond SINCERITY

Brown is the color of security, protection and material wealth. Representing stability, positivity, down-to-earth, sensitivity, confidence, honesty, reliability, strength, sensuality, reliability and sincerity. Brown Diamond also heal your soul from sadness, loss and separation. It strengthens relationships, increases trust and bonds with your lover, family and friends.

Black Diamond POWER

Black is the color of mystery and elegance. Representing protection, strength, stability, balance, seduction, sophistication and wealth. Black Diamonds symbolize stability, power, authority and transcendence. It has been said it can give you the power to create your own future and help you to gain achievements.

Green Tsavorite Garnet HARMONY

Green is the color of harmony and balance. Representing luck, wealth, fertility, growth, prosperity, high morality, generosity, adaptability, wisdom, fidelity, loyalty and kindness.

Tsavorite or Green Garnet symbolize prosperity and abundance, energy, communication, kindness, enhances confidence. When you want to make a fresh start, this is the right stone for you. 

Green Sapphire LUCK

Green is the color of harmony and balance. Representing luck, wealth, fertility, growth, prosperity, high morality, generosity, adaptability, wisdom, fidelity, loyalty and kindness.

A Green Sapphire is believed to give a lot of benefits to the wearers. If you need a touch of creativity and wish to bring some change in your life, then this gemstone is for you.

Pink Sapphire ETERNITY

Pink is the color for unconditional love. It represents affection, beauty, intuition, understanding and sweetness.

A Pink Sapphire carries a soft feminine energy of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort and brings the wisdom of resilience. It stimulates emotions and encourages love, forgiveness, and release of the past. It honors acceptance and strength of heart.


Purple is the color used for protection. It strengthens the imagination and intuition, and refines the thinking processes. It helps in the assimilation of new ideas, putting thoughts into action, and brings projects to fruition, balancing life, clarity of thoughts, success, focus, creativity and passion.


Red is the color for passion, protection and prosperity. It represents courage, confidence, strength, power, courageous, strength, determination and love. Apart from their amazing looks, Rubies are also popular for benefits like healthy sleep, improved energy and increased happiness.

White Diamond PURITY

The color White symbolizes perfection, peace, innocence and compassion. It enhances inner vision, stimulates creativity, imagination, ingenuity, simplicity, pureness, equality, simplicity, immaculate, self-sufficiency and new beginnings.  It helps the wearer gain harmony in life and nurtures a healthy body and a kind soul. White Diamonds symbolize eternal Love.

Yellow Sapphire ABUNDANCE

Yellow is the color of mind and intelligence. It represents happiness, creative energy. Yellow Sapphires brings wisdom and prosperity, financial abundance, enhances one’s goals and ambitions.

Gold Color

The color of Gold is the color of achievement and success. It is associated with prosperity and abundance, quality and luxury, prestige and sophistication. It represents value and elegance and implies affluence, wealth and extravagance. It is the color of the winner!

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