SPREAD THE LOVE and how it started…

It all started many years ago when I was at the supermarket at the vegetable stand.

While I was choosing my vegetables, my eyes crossed those of an old lady who was on the other side choosing her fruits or vegetables as well. When suddenly our eyes met, I couldn’t help but give her my biggest smile; that smile came straight from my heart and was pure instinct; I admit it surprised me as well! Her face lit up and she replied with a beautiful smile, even so visible surprised but so happy that we connected without saying a word but just love. This is when I realized that a little gesture could make someone so happy and maybe change their day. From this day on I included those little gestures in my daily life, and you can’t imagine the Love and happiness I get back every time I do so. It is very inspiring and rewarding! Its magic!

This event was what inspired me to dedicate the meaning of The Love Knot collection to the act of bringing joy and happiness to our everyday life.  Each one of my creations represents that feeling and I want you to keep that in mind when you wear one of my pieces or give them as gift to show your love. Remember, we can find little “Love Knots” every day. They can inspire and make us happy, maybe they can help us make others happy, too. That's the spirit of my jewelry line.



The Love Knot

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