I know, I know: Buying diamond studs is not easy and it is a jungle out there! From prices  to quality - where to start?

The Definition of Studs – From Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia:

“A stud earring is a piece of jewelry attached to the ear via a piercing in the earlobe or another external part of the ear (except in the case of clip earrings, which clip onto the lobe). Stud earrings are worn by both sexes and have been used by different civilizations in different times.”

There you have it: one single diamond in each ear.

Of course, you want them big. And you are hoping for good quality for your money.  Personally, I don't like them round, by virtue of the fact that there are too many fakes out there. It looks as if everybody has them. Be different and you will stand out!

Get cushions! A much more elegant and refined shape.

Cushions are shaped like a fluffy square pillow:

Then choose the color – It is very important to have good color. The color is what people see first. Make it stand out against your skin, your hair.

“DEF” is the rating for very white color. Of course, “GH” will do, too, and it is less pricy. But don't go lower than “H”! Definitely No "I" or "J"; as these colors are getting into the grey tones and are, quite frankly, just a sad choice for the money you spend.

Then: clarity - "VS" is fine (it means there are very small inclusions) Try to stay away from "SI" where you might see the inclusions with your own eye; Who wants that?

When buying the studs, ask to see the GIA certificate, which allows you to see where the inclusions are and whether you can find them with your naked eye: If you do, resist the urge to buy them, even if the price is right. Find some proper diamonds. Yes, you will thank me later.

If you shop on a budget, but still want good quality, try to find stones that are not too deep. Only the top part of the diamond is visible on your ear.

When you embark on your exciting diamond stud shopping project, start by going first to a well-known jewelry store, get a little lesson and check out the prices. Once you did your homework, ask your jeweler, whom you trust, to help you find what you are looking for exactly; and compare.

Voila! – You are welcome. :)


PS: get curious and browse our earring collection. ;)


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    Clare Martin


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