Pinky rings have a long history and have been worn for various reasons. During the Victorian era, pinky rings became fashionable among British nobility thanks to Queen Victoria’s sons, who took cues from the Germans and began stacking their wedding and signet rings on their left pinky, starting a long royal tradition that has continued to this day.

The trend found its way across the pond. In European upper-crust society, they began to signify power, wealth, honor, or position.

Pinky rings have also been worn to convey messages or indicate affiliation. In modern times, the use of pinky rings has weakened its traditional historic symbolism and is often worn purely for fashion.

Wearing a ring on the pinky finger can symbolize intuition, communication, quick wit, intelligence, self-confidence and not to forget femininity to add a beautiful little detail and gesture.

We love to wear our Love Knot rings on the pink!


love knot pinky ring

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