You upgraded your engagement ring for a bigger diamond and now you don't know what to do with the old one?


You broke up or got divorced and still have the engagement ring…now what?

 Of course, you won't wear it again, however remember: "Diamonds are forever!" 

There is a wonderful solution to that little “problem”: Turn your rock into a great looking pendant!

This will give you a brand-new piece, which will make you smile. What a great solution. I did it plenty of times – change the settings for people, not getting divorced – I got very big smiles from very happy ladies!

But there is one important point I’d like to mention: Please, please make sure that your diamond is set the correct way. “Isn’t a setting a setting?” you will ask me now. No, it is not!

The proper setting is just as important as your diamond itself. A setting is supposed to enhance the diamond, letting it breathe so it can shine. Yes, you heard it here first: a diamond must breathe and not be suffocated by too much metal around it.

The more a diamond is exposed the lighter it can catch to shine - makes sense, right? Many jewelers don't care about these things, and just place it in a pre-made setting (cheaper) or don't care about little details, which can actually make a big difference - believe me, unfortunately, I see this quite often:

A heavy metal mounting, where somewhere inside the stone is buried.           

My advice: Have it set in as little metal as possible - a thin bezel is plenty, and it will look very elegant and balanced (see picture on the left).                                              

We want to see diamond not metal! Voila!


Update your engagement diamond ring

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