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This blog is all about little jewelry tips from years of experience that Coralie acquired throughout her career as a jeweler. The blog posts, the "Little Knots" as we call them, are short, helpful advice, right to the point.

Coralie is the first designer who put together a comprehensive line on the theme of the Love Knot. It all started with the diamond Love Knot ring that Coralie designed at the request of a dear friend, who wanted a design to represent endless friendship. And Voila! The first Love Knot was born.

Besides her Love Knot line, Coralie passionately designs for her signature jewelry store inside The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in South Beach, Miami. In collaboration with her husband Patrick Duchamp, they have been offering one of a kind and high end pieces to their loyal clientele for over 20 years. Coralie has French roots, was born in South Africa, raised in Switzerland, lived in Rome and New York City and has finally settled down in Miami, Florida - her unique designing flair has been heavily influenced by her international life so far.

But back to the "Little Knots" blog, have fun and enjoy !

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