I know that many of you are delighted with the lovely little felt hearts we place in each Silver-Mini Love Knot gift boxes. We chose them to emphasize my brand's mission that is: to Spread the Love.

Today I'm going to reveal to you the person behind those hearts, who is also commited to our mission.

Each of those sweet felt hearts are made by hand by Eszther Szabo. She lives in Hungary with her two boys. She Spreads the Love through her passion in creating lovely felt decorations, ornaments and our Love Knot hearts! So, they travel a long way to finally meet with you one day.

You can spritz it with your favorite perfume and place it in your drawer, purse, or pockets. Remember, small things can have big meanings; they can make someone smile and change their day. We don’t know what others go through in their life and these small, kind gestures or just a loving smile, can make a big difference.

Each one of my creations represents that feeling and I want you to remember that when you wear one of my pieces or give them as a gift to show your love. We can find little “Love Knots” every day. They can inspire and make us happy, maybe they can help us make others happy too. That's the spirit of my jewelry line.



PS: You can meet Eszther at @grab_a_coffe and yes, she loves coffee!

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