How To Wear Hearts & Pears shaped Rings

It has happened quite often that when I show a client a ring with a heart shaped stone, they automatically put it on the wrong way around.

They love it so much that they want to see the heart while wearing it and so the heart ends up on the finger pointing towards the hand, which, esthetically, makes the finger look bulkier than it really is. Please don’t wear your heart shaped rock like that. The heart has to point away from the hand in order for the others to see it. People need to see it pointing at them, away from you.

The same rule applies to pear shaped stones: The pear has to point away from the hand. Wearing it like this will elongate your finger, making it appear narrower, and your whole hand look more elegant and beautiful.

You wouldn’t wear your jeans backwards, would you? Even though, technically, you could. ;)

The rule is simple: If there is a point, it has to point down the finger. Trust me on that. Voila!

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