How to Store Your Jewelry

Hello again. This chapter of my blog comes from me to you with a bleeding heart:

Too many times, I have painfully witnessed how beautiful jewelry is being mistreated.  By now, I have successfully educated all my bffs, how to handle and – OMG! definitely NOT handle their babies - after they showed up at my house, their precious stones in fist, broken, chipped or scratched. This happened mostly because they have been banging against each other, since they were all stored together in one single pouch or box. REALLY? Ladies: Hello: Heartbreaking AND expensive!

Could that be you? Putting several pieces of jewelry in one and the same bag or even in one box together? Carrying your precious babies in your purse, shaking them, having them bang and rub against each other? I have you known, right here and now: they do terrible things to each other in there!

Of course, none of us does such terrible things, right?

We all store EACH precious piece of our jewelry in ONE individual pouch, right? Same with our earrings, right? One pouch per earring, right?! Hah! Of course, we do.

And we always carry one or two empty pouches with us in our purse, just in case we need to put a ring or painfully hurting earrings (remember 2 pouches!) away to protect them until we are back home.

And then of course, at home, we have the jewelry box, big enough to fit all our precious babies, where each of them has its own little private space.

We do. I knew it. My faith is restored!

Now that we established that we’ve all been good girls, here is just a little reminder: In your jewelry box, NEVER put your pieces so close that they can touch each other!

Gold is a soft metal and scratches very easy; diamonds can do big damage to other jewelry when rubbing against other stones or gold.  The jewelry will look dull and worn – ewh! Who wants that?!

Maybe it’s time to get your babies to your jeweler and have him polish and examine them for an occasional scratch. Get soft pouches, your jeweler will be happy to help you with that. Then store “da Precious” properly from now on and for all eternity. You will be able to enjoy it for a very long time. Voila!

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