From Old Make New

Once in a while, you should look into your jewelry box and take inventory - some pieces you just don't wear anymore - maybe they are out of style or your taste has changed. 

Maybe your grandmother or aunt left you some earrings or a pearl necklace you would never wear but you like the memory. And there it is, sitting idly....and wondering how much longer it has to wait until you take it to your jeweler to finally design something new out of it!

It is so much fun for me each time a client shows me an old pouch with a treasure in it. Then we talk about the story it holds - I heard some incredible ones by the way!

It happened that I suggest the client not to change anything to the piece when the value is not justified. Sometimes we just change from Yellow Gold color to White Gold and the piece looks totally new and different; with very little budget involved we can make big changes and happy faces!

So have you looked into your jewelry box lately?

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  • I really loved my LOVE KNOT rings, they are great pieces! modern and fine. My rings are white gold and diamonds and yellow gold and diamonds, they look beautiful either one or the two together. I have received many compliments.

    Luchi Houlzet

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